Painting the dance of life


The Healing Place 24 x 30, by Wendy Dudley

The Healing Place 24 x 30, by Wendy Dudley

Wendy Dudley paints from the heart, exploring the world of spirit.  While Wendy paints a variety of subjects, from western to landscape, she is drawn to intuitive art, opening the door to endless imagination. Her work is full of spirit, joy, healing, dreamscapes and escapes. “I like to think my art speaks to the head and heart.” Wendy Dudley’s paintings are in private collections throughout North America. She has been an artist-in-residence, and had a solo show in 2016. 

She is a member of the Sheep Creek Arts Council, is a member of The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and is active with the Circles of Rhythm integrative drum group. Check out their Facebook site

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Bold. Vibrant. Spiritual. Whether it be clouds scurrying across a sky, a donkey ambling through the desert, or a mystical bear,  Wendy Dudley paints the dance of life. Each step and spin is part of the journey. Bright colours are the heartbeat of her canvases, portraying the vibrancy of life.

Wendy views each canvas as a gateway to imagination, inviting the viewer to become part of the unfolding story. She has a deep connection to wildlife, sharing meadowland breezes, woodland trails, and hilltop views with the birds and animals near her home in the foothills of Alberta, southwest of Calgary.

A self-taught artist, Wendy Dudley is also an award-winning journalist and photographer, and a published author and illustrator. It’s always about the story, she says, whether captured in paint, words or with a camera.

Wendy’s illustrated book (Don’t Name the Ducks and Other Truths About Life in the Country) has been read by adults and children around the world, and her writing and photography have appeared in various publications throughout North America. She has been an art critic and authored the newsletter for a wildlife art gallery.

Now semi-retired from her journalism career, Wendy Dudley paints and photographs full-time. She also blogs on her website about her paintings in progress, her inspirations and life philosophy.