Monthly Archives: September 2017

Going Beyond

With this time of celebrating equal day and night, it is the perfect time to remind ourselves to walk between the polarities: Taking that middle path, where we experience all and remain aware of all.

Love Letters to the Universe….Because I Never Settled For Less

so, my prince of the sky, what message do you bring to me today?
it is a special day, a celebration of the Autumn Equinox, our last hurrah before we gather to head south
I know, and I will miss you, and I will dream of your kreeeees peeling the blue sky
oh, do not think of me as gone, my human friend, for my spirit lives in your heart
i am your keeper, but I also teach you to live fully, to not hang on, to take glory in what you have
i know, my hawk friend, and it is a good lesson
as my parting thoughts, before I cross this valley, beyond the mountains to the sun
i remind you not to build a barrier to what is possible
do not put up walls and boundaries to protect yourself
to keep you safe in your comfort zone
for in doing so, you block the view of the infinite
you imprison yourself, you lock yourself in a cage, as if your wings were clipped
don’t try to fit things into your box, just to build false security
remember that reality shifts like sand dunes, shaped by life forces
to know freedom is to take the finite and turn it into the infinite
that, my human friend, is the art of letting go
neither cling to a person, nor a belief, nor a time
let it flow through you and around you; experience it, but keep going
then you will live a free life, a life of peace
Thank you, my hawk friend,
You remind me to always look up, to never stop Going Beyond
Safe journeys, my hawk friend, safe journeys

Going Beyond, kestrel, by Wendy Dudley