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I write prose that expresses my soul’s philosophy, stepping beyond self into the vast universe.  This series of writings fall under Love Letters to the Universe…Because I Never Settled For Less. If they give you hope, if they open your senses and sharpen awareness, then each will be like a seed, cast freely and unconditionally.  Thank you for reading the letters.

Love Letters to the Universe…Because I Never Settled For Less

i close my eyes
and i hear you
calling, calling
you and I share the circle
the wingbeats of time
we will migrate together
returning to our nest
in the East
where all begins and ends
safe journey, my friend

Cry of the Red Tailed Hawk

Down The Path Of A New Year



And so here we are, the beginning of a new year, and the changes it will bring as it must. It will mean something different to each one of us. For me, this is a year of exploration: A year to absorb, to listen, to contemplate, to live as I think. If we are fortunate, we all find our path. It is lit by many lanterns, but all mark the trail to enlightenment. Awareness. Compassion.

We all seek this; but each of us takes a different journey to reach the destination. And, as I have been reminded, the journey itself is the destination. Whatever I experience will no doubt find its way to the art canvas, as it cannot help but do so. As always, I derive pleasure from sharing my journey with you. The journey begins with self, but it sprouts branches, reaching out as a way to teach, to provoke thought, to show the different ways. It is there for the taking, or for the leaving. Or for the pondering.

As some of you have noticed, many of my paintings depict walking in solitude, though the lone human almost always has company, whether it be a dog, a horse or donkeys, or wild animals, some in spirit and some in absolute form. Because

The Road Home, by Wendy Dudley

The Road Home, by Wendy Dudley

my thoughts and images most often come to me while walking. As a writer, this is when I compose. As a painter, this is when I visualize. As a meditator, this is when I dream. I am never alone, for my thoughts and the Others, in whatever form, keep me company. If you like what you see, let me know. If you wish to share, please do so. If you have questions, please ask. Giving and receiving are mirror images. They are partners in The Dance of Sharing.


While I can have an idea of where I want a painting to go, it often takes a different direction.   Such was the case with Mis Amigos. It began with three donkeys, and a woman carrying a bucket. But as it took form, I added another donkey, and then thought, “Hey, I have four donkeys of my own. I will paint them to represent my little herd, thus a mousey-grey, a pinto, a blue roan and a dark brown/black. And then the woman became my reflection. I never carry a bucket to bring them in; I usually show up in the field and they follow. And I always have a walking stick (gentle on the hips, at this age!). Occasionally, I may go out with my rope halter, so I portrayed myself as such. I thought I was done, but something was bothering me. Where was Miss Lucy, my red-headed misfit mule? I could not do a painting without her. It would haunt me. And so I gave her the rightful spot, off the trail and to the side, taking in the viewer. This is exactly what Lucy would do, always attentive to something or somebody new, and always blazing her own path.
And so, this painting evolved into a self portrait of sorts. This is exactly the order in which they march in, little Peso always at the back somewhere. And thus it was fitting that this painting be blessed with a simple title, Mis Amigos.

Mis Amigos. 24 x 18 ins. Original Acrylic. $900

Mis Amigos. 24 x 18 ins. Original Acrylic. $900


Power of Touch

When people come into contact with an animal, the two speak. Each tries to understand the other’s language. Sometimes the language is pure silence. Just being in the presence of one another. And then, the power of touch. Some times there is no need for words. Just a hug, a scratch, a body to lean against.

The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

Throughout the grounds of The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, there are signs posted with quotes, honouring respect for non-human beings. shaw

alice walker

Hanging Out With the Longears

I don’t have a huge bucket list, as I prefer to be grateful for what I have rather than focus on what I don’t have or what I have not done. But I did have a wish this year to visit The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, near Guelph, Ont. Modelled after the donkey sanctuaries in Britain, which were founded by the late and most wonderful Elisabeth Svendsen, who made it her life-long mission to improve the welfare of donkeys around the world, the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada takes in donkeys, mules and hinnies that have been abused, or have owners who are no longer able to care for them. I have donated to the charitable non-profit organization for years, and have an agreement that in the case of my demise, my longears will be sent there. So for good reason, I wanted to visit the sanctuary and meet the key people responsible for the animals’ welfare. I was not disappointed, as facility upgrades and genuine concern for what is best for the donkeys was evident everywhere. The grounds were immaculate (no easy feat when there are approximately 75 donkeys living there), the staff and volunteers warm and sincere, and the animals were in good shape. Again, not easy since the donkey is a desert animal, and thus is best suited for a dry habitat. Wet hooves and damp skin leave it vulnerable to hoof abscesses and skin fungi. I deal with these challenges in relatively arid Alberta, so the spongy ground and humidity of southern Ontario keeps the donkeys’ farriers on their toes.

There are quarantine areas, treatment centres, and divided areas separating the mules from the donkeys. More than 40 donkeys were munching on their hay in a dry barn, with no fuss. A slight flattening of the ears or a subtle swing of the head was enough to warn a donkey to give another more space. All was calm.

The sanctuary relies on donations, and receives only one government grant, used to hire a summer student. What it has accomplished since it was founded in 1992 is simply amazing. To describe it as a deluxe resort for donkeys is not an exaggeration.

If you live near Guelph, or are simply passing through — the countryside is rolling farm fields, with lush umbrella elms, cedar rail fences and stone farm houses with bank barns — I encourage you to visit this wonderful retreat for one of the most soulful animals on the planet.

Over the next while I will be painting scenes from my trips there, to be posted on this site under Recent Art and Equines. Enjoy!

Peace, Wendy Dudley, Original Acrylic, 8 x 10ins, $150

Peace, Wendy Dudley, Original Acrylic, 8 x 10ins,SOLD



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