Finding Hope, Finding Home


Finding Hope, Finding Home, Original Painting by Wendy Dudley, 24 x 18 $850

Finding Hope, Finding Home, Original Painting by Wendy Dudley, 24 x 18 $850


Just like words, a painting tells a story. In Finding Hope, Finding Home, a young Border Terrier finds himself lost in ripening crop fields that rise above his wiry head. He races from home when frightened by gale winds, the gusts pushing him further and further away. For four days and nights, a crew of friends and family searches, never losing hope that somehow this little guy will survive the odds. On the third day an animal communicator seeks help from many guides, hoping positive forces will light the weary little dog’s path home. On the fourth day, at dawn, he finds his way back, scratching and pawing at windows to get in. Then, a door opens….
His is a story about never giving up, hanging onto hope, and believing that we are all connected, from the sky above to the trees and earth below. It is about Finding Hope and Finding Home.
This event was so inspiring, I was compelled to share the story through paint on canvas, reflecting the canary canola throughout the spectrum. After all, Yellow is the colour of Hope. And it seems only fitting that a percentage of its proceeds will be donated to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS), an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing abandoned and neglected animals. Ironically, its regular donors are called AARCS Angels.

This painting has been sold. 

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