Her World

She sits on the ranch crossbar, her mouth open, her scream a sliver embedded in the hot afternoon air. She has been here all spring, and now with summer, she rides the afternoon thermals, rising up, rising up, until she is a spanned dot in a cumulus cloud. For years, my valley has been graced with owls, particularly the great grey, a totem bird, frequently delivering its message of change. Other years the great horned owls take over, raising their squawking young deep in the spruce forest. But this summer, it is the red-tailed hawk. She brings her own messages from the universe, along with courage and illumination. She sees the big picture, like the valley spanning below her wings and sharp eyes. Her vision is beyond the trivial. She is of the sky world, a higher plane of thinking and seeing. A lofty level of consciousness.

Am I a hawk person? Do I hear the messages? Do I see things in a world view? Spiritualists say the Red Tailed Hawk is a special companion, never leaving you, accompanying you throughout your own life flight. I wonder, as I watch her soar the skies: Does she hold me in her talons?

Her World 20 x 20ins Original Acrylic $800

Her World 20 x 20ins Original Acrylic $800

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