Moon Meditation

There is a special aspen tree in my valley that I have chosen as my world tree. I greet it each time I go for a walk, always seeing it in a different light and mood. And the changes to its cloak of leaves, as the seasons evolve. One day I placed my palm on its trunk, where it was grey and split, full of seams like the wrinkles of an ancient’s face. The marks of a life well lived. I could feel its pulse, and if I closed my eyes, I would start to rock back and forth on my feet. The next day, there were five green leaflets emerging from the very spot where I placed my hand. A special tree indeed. I have often thought it would be nice to perch in one of its branches, among its lush foliage, and observe the night world. These thoughts inspired this painting.

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Moon Meditation Original by Wendy Dudley 10 x 12 $275

Moon Meditation Original by Wendy Dudley 10 x 12 $275

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