Painted Drums

PAINTED DRUMS, by Wendy Dudley

Do you drum?  Or do you like the idea of a decorative painted drum blessing your home and sacred space?   

I paint drums, using acrylics. Various sizes.  I use REMO Buffalo Drums. You can either purchase the drum with the painting; commission a special painting for a drum; provide your own drum and only pay for the painting.  Please use the Contact page to get in touch (

Something new! And reasonably priced at $45, plus shipping. I will be painting both sides of these double-headed drums, known as a Bolang Gu, an ancient instrument also known as Tao, or a “rattle drum.” Before I paint them, I want to know if anyone wishes to have one custom-painted.
I have four of these drums, that are about 3 inches x 3 inches. Kaila cat’s head is in one, so it gives you a rough idea of the size. When you shake these little drums, the small wooden pellets swing around and hit the hide, so it is a hand-held percussive instrument.
I will give this a couple of days before I start deciding what to paint on them, just to give folks a chance to put in a custom order, if you wish. You can message me for further information, or to order.


Trout Visions. Painted Drum. Commissioned.

Calling In Eagle. Painted Drum. Commissioned.

Buffalo Warrior Drum. Commissioned


Sandhill Crane Drum. Commissioned.


Double Moon Raven Drum


Indian Horse Drum. 16-inches. $425 REMO Buffalo Frame Drum

SOLD    Owl Woman Medicine Drum, 10 inch  Remo Buffalo Drum