Painted Drums

PAINTED DRUMS, by Wendy Dudley

Do you drum?  Or do you like the idea of a decorative painted drum blessing your home and sacred space?   

I paint drums, using acrylics. Various sizes.  I use REMO Buffalo Drums. You can either purchase the drum with the painting; commission a special painting for a drum; provide your own drum and only pay for the painting.  Please use the Contact page to get in touch (


For Sale. Star Bear painted drum $225



Trout Visions. Painted Drum. Commissioned.

Calling In Eagle. Painted Drum. Commissioned.

Buffalo Warrior Drum. Commissioned


Sandhill Crane Drum. Commissioned.


Double Moon Raven Drum


Indian Horse Drum. 16-inches. $425 REMO Buffalo Frame Drum

SOLD    Owl Woman Medicine Drum, 10 inch  Remo Buffalo Drum