The Studio Cat

I live in a log home in the foothills of the Alberta Rockies in Western Canada. Further to the south of me, as in much further,  are the mountain ranges of New Mexico. There are regions of New Mexico that remind me of my Canadian home, but still, I am drawn to the high desert county, and the various art and cultures in this Southwest state. So it is not unusual that its colours and themes seep into my work.

The Studio Cat Original by Wendy Dudley 10 x 12 $325

The Studio Cat Original by Wendy Dudley 10 x 12 $325


The feline in this art piece, called The Studio Cat, is modelled on my own orange cat, Kaila. She too often sits in the window, looking out, or if outside, balancing herself on the sill and looking in. If I were to have an adobe home in the Southwest, I imagine it would look like this, with Kaila ever-present in the window. For more information about this piece, or to purchase, please email me at

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